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Local and State Election Info: (Courtesy of Fair Districts PA)

Local and State Election Info

(Courtesy of Fair Districts PA)
For some counties, or local areas within counties, the League of Women Voters’ Vote411 provides candidate links and answers to questions. While not all candidates respond, it’s informative to see answers and to see which candidates ignored League requests.
This non-partisan source provides links to races and candidate information across PA. Please note: not all write-in candidates from the May primary election have been included in this guide.

Local County Election Offices
All county election offices provide sample ballots. County websites also provide accurate information about ballot drop-boxes or mail-ballot return locations.

Spotlight PA Pennsylvania Election 2023
Spotlight PA continues to provide up-to-date Election 2023 information, including links to county election websites, information about PA Supreme, Superior and Commonwealth Court candidates, and multiple Spanish language webpages.