Charactered leadership, driven by hope for a return to traditional values.

The Prohibition Party is the oldest living third party in the United States. For over 150 years, the Prohibition Party has worked to advance social and political reforms. Join us to build a Party that serves the American people.

The Prohibition Party Pennsylvania Chapter invites you to get involved and participate in our local activities, projects and events.

Welcome to the Pennsylvania Chapter of the Prohibition Party.

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Who We Are

Learn more about our Pennsylvania Chapter goals, organizational structure, finances and more.


Learn more about past and current Prohibition Party candidates

Our State Platform

Read our state party platform.

Be A Part of Us

We invite you to become a Prohibition Party Member! Be a candidate and be an advocate.

History of Prohibition Party in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania presidential candidates, strength by county, and winning candidates.

Organizations with Similar Interests

A listing of like-minded organizations. Pennsylvania Council on Alcohol Problems, Pennsylvania DUI Association and others.

How May Help You?

The Pennsylvania Prohibition Committee provides grants to support dry referenda, total abstinence education, Prohibition Party candidates for local offices, historical preservation, and similar programs in Pennsylvania.

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