Michael Wood

Prohibition Party candidate for President in 2024

Michael Wood

Michael Wood Prohibition Party candidate for President in 2024

2024 Presidential Ticket

The country’s oldest third party, the Prohibition Party, has nominated Michael Wood for President and John Pietrowski for Vice-President.

Michael Wood is a fifth generation Californian and recently retired CEO of a multinational company. His work has taken him to both coasts of the USA as well as living in both Europe and Asia. He has been profiled in TIME Magazine, interviewed in Business Week and won FORBES prestigious “Best of the Web” award.

An active member of the Prohibition Party, since retirement he has been elected to both the Prohibition National Committee and the Executive Committee of the Prohibition Party. He works closely with other party leaders to help set a course for the long-term success of the party.

In his free time, he volunteers 500 hours a year to manage a local food bank; distributing donated food to 23,000 people each week. He is an avid historian, genealogist and writer.

At the National Convention in Buffalo, NY, Mr. Wood received the nomination as the Prohibition Party candidate for President in 2024. ​

For more information about Mr. Wood please visit the Prohibition Party website.