James Hedges

Prohibition Party candidate for President in 2016

James Hedges

James Hedges Prohibition Party candidate for President in 2016

Jim Hedges is an Iowa farm boy, a public high school graduate, married with 3 step-children and an adopted daughter. He was born in Iowa City on 10 May 1938, the eldest child of Robert and Margaret Ayres Hedges.

He was a professional tuba player, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in musical performance from the University of Iowa. He served 20 years in The United States Marine Band, playing music in and around our Nation’s capital. Since retiring from the Marine Band, he has played (all) brass instruments in area community bands. He is also a composer of military marches for band.

He also has been a professional science writer and editor, with a Master’s Degree in geography from the University of Maryland. He has had original research published in Europe and in South America, as well as in the United States; for 11 years he was Editor-in-Chief of the National Speleological Society Bulletin, the world’s most widely circulated journal on the science of caves.

Since retiring from the Marine Band, Hedges has been a community volunteer – running a recycling program, leading a 4-H club, volunteering with The Salvation Army, helping organize a Friends of the Library. Most recently, he is curator of the print shop at a living history museum.

Hedges prides himself on being an agitator, and the most important thing he agitates for is the Prohibition Party. He was a founding member of the Partisan Prohibition Historical Society and represented it many times at meetings of the National Temperance and Prohibition Council. He serves on the board of the Prohibition trust Fund Association. He was elected on the Prohibition ticket and served 2 terms as Township Assessor. His “Camel Press” has issued many pieces of Prohibition Party literature. He has spent the past 22 years collecting the history of the Prohibition Party and posting it on the internet (www.prohibitionists.org).

Hedges is the first Prohibition Party candidate elected to any office since 1959. He is believed to be the first Prohibition Party candidate elected in Pennsylvania since the 1940s. Read more about Jim Hedges views on Individual Liberty.

Jim and his wife Carolyn live quietly in rural Fulton County, Pennsylvania.